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Recently added documents from the July Issue 2021 include:

  • Asbestos Hazards Checklist
  • Asbestos Management Plan Template
  • Compressed Gas Cylinder Storage Toolbox Talk
  • Face-Fit Testing Report

We have also added the July Issue 2021 of Hazardous Substances Adviser to the Publications tab.

Plus, your Online Resource Centre allows you to access all issues of Hazardous Substances Adviser in one place, and send your questions to our Ask the Experts Email Helpdesk.

“One feature which has been very useful is the Ask the Experts Email Helpdesk. I must confess at first I doubted how effective this would be (having had less favourable experiences from some major names in the safety field), but this function enables a subscriber to email any specific questions to a safety expert. I have used the Helpdesk several times now and the response has always been quick, well thought out and very detailed”

Stuart Hodgkiss Tech IOSH, Facilities Team Leader, Devon Wildlife Trust